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Provincial Honour Ensemble Auditions!

The annual Provincial Honour Ensemble audition time is approaching! Each year, the best students across the province are chosen to create an honour concert band, jazz band, and concert choir. It's a 1 day in September 2019 and 3-4 day in October 2019 time commitment, but the musical payoffs are HUGE. You get to work with world class conductors, and also play in amazingly awesome ensembles.

To audition, follow the link:


You can scroll down to find the audition materials. There are also MULTIPLE DOCUMENTS to fill out and submit, along with RECORDINGS you must upload.

(talk to Mr. C if you need help with recording, particularly choir people)

There are MANY of you should should absolutely audition for this. The deadline for submissions is FRIDAY, APRIL 12TH, just over a week away.

If you are in Gr. 10 or 11, think seriously about this (Gr. 12s... you are not eligible - sorry! Gr. 8 and 9, look at the material, and start working for your Gr. 10 year!).

Questions? Pass them along, and get practicing!

Mr. C