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*See below for what you should prepare for the next rehearsal:


​Routine for the next two days:

  1. Posture check - 1 min

  2. Breathing check - 3 min

  3. MPs only - 10 min

    • CL - Grumpy horse - bite! F# (use a chromatic tuner to confirm note)​  - start note w/ tongue

    • FL - Open tone - sustain for at least 5 seconds - manage the breath - start note w/ tongue

    • Brass - Push the air thru the buzz - Use tongue

  4. Single Tones - 20 min

    • First note of Pg. 8 #8 - prepare the note and play directly into a pure tone​

    • Practice until you can do that 5 times in a row

    • Move onto the next note of Pg. 8 #8

    • Once you can do that consistentlly, practice the SUCCESS method to learn all of Pg. 8 #8


  1. Use your breath to elevate paper

  2. Method Book: Pg. 4: D

    • Brass - AIR!

    • Focus on TONE!​

    • Clarinets - work on over the break notes - low then high

  3. Use SUCCESS Method to prepare:

    • Codebreaker m. 61-end​

     ***Don't skip to the next level until           you've gotten 5 times mastery!***


  1. Make sure you use solid BREATH SUPPORT to play the following exercises.

  2. Fussell: #1 Chromatic AND Interval exercises; Lip slur exercises for brasses 

  3. PERCUSSION: Tier 1 rudiments - focus on single, dbl strokes and paradiddles

  4. Apply the SUCCESS Method:​

    • Pacifica m. 16-33

      • DO IT! 5 times mastery for each step. ​

  5. Hymnsong​

    • Tighten up rhythm and tone. Listen to and imitate the sound of the recording.​

  6. Figure out your uniform for Remembrance Day. FORMAL BLACKS. No running shoes and casual pants please.​


  1. Happy: All N+R: imitate recording

  2. Four: All N+R: imitate recording

  3. Foobirds: All N+R: imitate recording

  4. Mood Indigo: Sustained playing

  5. Fascinating: All N+R


  1. Hashivenu: All - dynamic changes and SHAPING of the lines - no flatlining!!! MEMORIZE!

  2. Abide: MEMORIZE NOTES/verse 1+5+6 lyrics. NO FLATLINING! Sing with beauty. Follow lifts and breaths!!!!

  3. Best Day: Memorize

**Make good musical choices!**


SUCCESS Method -- Follow these steps to prepare music:

Students work through each of these steps, staying on a given step until they are truly an expert (5 times in a row perfectly). Then (and only then!) do they move on to the next step! Students learn the steps to successful practicing, rather than just playing over and over again.  This one sheet, done well, makes an ENORMOUS difference!


(Right-Click and Save As to download image)


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